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The Illuminati

"Illuminati, Greek illumination, name given to those who submitted to Christian baptism. Those who were baptized were called "illuminati" or "illuminated ones" by the Ante-Nicene clergy, on the assumption that those who were instructed for baptism in the Apostolic faith had an enlightened understanding.
The Alumbrados, a mystical 16th-century Spanish sect, were among the societies that subsequently adopted the name illuminati. Later, the title of illuminati was used by a secret society founded by Adam Weishaupt that aimed to combat religious thinking and encourage rationalism."
                                                         ---Microsoft Encarta2000

And in 2006 a reader wrote to advise that Microsoft was wrong and that the word actually comes from the Latin. Microsoft wrong? Perish the thought! It must be a Conspiracy!

Luka Magnotta

Do they still exist? Apparently for some....

When creating this web site, we were under the belief that no one with any degree of education would believe there was a secret organization plotting for some 200+ years to control the world - and that the Masons were somehow a part of it. Boy, were we wrong!
Whenever conspiracy theory is spouted, the mysterious "Illuminati" (along with the Bilderburgers, The Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, and a plethora of others) are most often named as being responsible. Ironically, however, while many, many people can name those ostensibly belonging to the other conspiracy groups, the "Illuminati" is always left hanging as some secret, shadowy entity which no one can quite describe. Interestingly too, no one can quite identify what specific acts can be attributed to them - everybody's got their own lists. And no one in 225 years seems to have left the organization to reveal its secrets. Pretty powerful stuff.....  (If you're not hearing the theme music for the X-Files right now, it's a CONSPIRACY!!!)
Not one single defector in 5 or 6 generations: think about that! That'd be your great, great, great grandfather. I wonder how many people reading this page can actually name someone from their family who lived in the 1700s. Those who want to persuade us that a secret Illuminati cabal did lead the world from the Renaissance to the 19th century, and/or that it continues to do so today have a very difficult burden of proof and have never come close to producing documents or actual evidence that such is the case.

Illuminati history

The Illuminati was a movement founded on May 1, 1776. Much is, retrospectively, made of both the May 1st date later used by the Russian Revolution as well as the 1776 date tying in to the American Revolution. In fact, since there are only 365 days in a year, the Russian Revolution was bound to occur on one date or another which would/could have a connection to some devious scheme. By 1776, the American Revolution was well along in its planning stages and there's no credible link to a group founded in what is today near Munich, Germany. It was begun by Adam Weishaupt who was educated by the Jesuits, not unlike many who sought an education in those days and in that place. His organization was composed of those who were then espousing the ideals of the Enlightenment: freedom of thought and equality amongst classes of people, ideas that were considered by the authorities as being heretical and treacherous, particularly since logical outcome of equality would preclude the continued existence of monarchy. They were ideas which today, anyone reading this website likely espouses: the right to think as one wishes and to exercise - within the bounds of law - their freedom of choice. At that time, though, freethinking was an anathema to those in power and subjected those who would think such heretical thoughts to imprisonment.
While some have suggested that the Illuminati was created to overthrow government and/or that they were behind the American Revolution, such ideas are without any real merit. Augustin Barruel and John Robison, even claimed that the Illuminati were behind the French revolution, a claim that Jean-Joseph Mounier dismissed in his 1801 book On the Influence Attributed to Philosophers, Free-Masons, and to the Illuminati on the Revolution of France. Barruel and Robison also wrote - essentially copying each other - trying to tie in Freemasonry to the plot. It is important to note, however, that both writers recognized that it was ONLY the 'Grand Orient'-type of Freemasonry being practiced in parts of France and Germany that was involved: never what we now term 'regular/recognized' Freemasonry stemming from the Grand Lodge of England! Robison, who had joined Freemasonry in his youth, was roundly criticized for his work, even by the Encyclopedia Brittanica for whom he had written articles!
In 1777, Karl Theodor became ruler of Bavaria. He was a proponent of Enlightened Despotism and, in 1784, his government banned all secret societies, including the Illuminati. They had, by then, included the overthrow of political rulers in their goals and it's easy to understand how that could be a tad upsetting to those in charge. How many people were involved in the organization at that point is difficult to say. Some estimates are as high as 2000 but the simple fact is that once it was outlawed, the organization died - as would ANY organization where involvement could lead to a life in wretched prison confinement.
Weishaupt had modeled his group to some extent on Freemasonry and Illiminati chapters drew some of their  membership from existing Masonic lodges.

Luka Magnotta

Illuminati conspiracies

It is well established that by the end of the eighteenth century, the Illuminati had been effectively disbanded. That will surely burst the bubble of those who've come here seeking to find some buried bit of proof that they still exist and are today controlling the world.
Because of Freemasonry's inadvertent involvement and the misuse of Freemasonry by the Illuminati's founder who had become a Mason, the legends of its continued existence (and influence) persist into the twenty-first century tying the organizations somehow together. In fact, Weishaupt founded the organization and then tried to get the Freemasons involved. He achieved a very limited success in a couple of lodges but was soon seen as a 'user' and his group removed - not unlike the 'fake Masonry' of today, actually!
In the 1950s and 1960s, members of the John Birch Society made much of this supposed 'shadow' organization, using it as an effective substitute for their anti-Semitism. Perhaps some of the confusion regarding the organization is due to the fact that over time, the word illuminati came to be used more expansively for many enthusiasts of Enlightenment, including but not limited to the followers of Emmanuel Swedenborg. Nevertheless, the Illuminati's connection with Freemasonry was date-specific (the late 1700s) and place-specific (what is now Germany); it had NO involvement in Freemasonry elsewhere despite fanciful claims. Even the oft-mentioned 'Proofs of A Conspiracy' written in 1797 by Robison (and the root cause of so much furor in the United States as a result of one Boston Minister's fanciful claims made based on that book) notes that the Illuminati's brand of Freemasonry was NOT the same Freemasonry as found in England and from which all other legitimate Masonic lodges today can trace their ancestry.

Luka Magnotta

Robert Anton Wilson

A HUGE amount of interest in the Illuminati stems, for those today, from Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007). A self-described agnostic mystic, he was also an author, philosopher and, some would say, a comedian. Many endow Wilson with all-seeing power while others read his works as poking fun at society and those who would blindly read his writings as fact.
Because of his professed agnostic beliefs, the claim from the conspiracy-minded religious intolerants has even more fuel than someone else might have given it.
Wilson wrote some 35 books and many other works. His best-known work is the cult classic The Illuminatus! Trilogy: The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple, Leviathan (1975) which he co-authored with Robert Shea and advertised as "a fairy tale for paranoids". In it, he humorously examined American paranoia about conspiracies. Many, though, have accepted this as NON-fiction and have succumbed to even more paranoia - always, it seems, involving the Freemasons.

In 1977, Wilson published "Cosmic Trigger I : Final Secret of the Illuminati " in which he wrote on pages 3-4:
Briefly, the background of the Bavarian Illuminati puzzle is this. On May 1, 1776, in Bavaria, Dr. Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University and a former Jesuit, formed a secret society called the Order of the Illuminati within the existing Masonic lodges of Germany. Since Masonry is itself a secret society, the Illuminati was a secret society within a secret society, a mystery inside a mystery, so to say. In 1785 the Illuminati were suppressed by the Bavarian government for allegedly plotting to overthrow all the kings in Europe and the Pope to boot. This much is generally agreed upon by all historians. 1 Everything else is a matter of heated, and sometimes fetid, controversy.

It has been claimed that Dr. Weishaupt was an atheist, a Cabalistic magician, a rationalist, a mystic; a democrat, a socialist, an anarchist, a fascist; a Machiavellian amoralist, an alchemist, a totalitarian and an "enthusiastic philanthropist." (The last was the verdict of Thomas Jefferson, by the way.) The Illuminati have also been credited with managing the French and American revolutions behind the scenes, taking over the world, being the brains behind Communism, continuing underground up to the 1970s, secretly worshipping the Devil, and mopery with intent to gawk. Some claim that Weishaupt didn't even invent the Illuminati, but only revived it. The Order of Illuminati has been traced back to the Knights Templar, to the Greek and Gnostic initiatory cults, to Egypt, even to Atlantis. The one safe generalization one can make is that Weishaupt's intent to maintain secrecy has worked; no two students of Illuminology have ever agreed totally about what the "inner secret" or purpose of the Order actually was (or is . . .). There is endless room for spooky speculation, and for pedantic paranoia, once one really gets into the literature of the subject; and there has been a wave of sensational "ex-poses" of the Illuminati every generation since 1776. If you were to believe all this sensational literature, the damned Bavarian conspirators were responsible for everything wrong with the world, including the energy crises and the fact that you can't even get a plumber on weekends.

                                                                  Luka Magnotta

Wilson then goes on to create a broad expansion of fantasy which - just as with Dan Brown novels in the early years of 2000 - are accepted as fact. It's a sad state on our ability to think that so many in society can't separate fact from fiction and today blather on with great fear and loathing about the evil Freemason/Illuminati treachery without a single provable example. In fact, some - in order to keep the bubble of fantasy from popping - suggested that RAW was the Grand Master (or inner head) of the Illuminati himself. Wilson always toyed with the accusations, and in typical RAW fashion, he's never denied it outright - finding the whole concept enormously amusing as well as helpful for book sales.

One cannot read any of RAW's material without a healthy sense of humor although many, many do. We've noted from the outset of this very website that those with beliefs stemming from white-hot religious fervor or extreme paranoid conspiracy have ZERO sense of humor and wouldn't recognize satire if it were a sausage that hit them in the head. Thus, the internet has a zillion and a half websites all postulating on the existence of an organization that no one has ever seen and which all rational explanations say simply couldn't exist, with or without the all-powerful Freemasons.

Illuminati reading

For a couple of centuries, there's been nothing truly factual about the 18th Century Barvarian Order of the Illuminati except the sometimes hard to find book The Bavarian Illuminati in America: The New England Conspiracy Scare, 1798 by Vernon Stauffer.
In 2009, however, a new work arrived on the scene - and truthfully, it was one that had all the trappings of 'nut case' on it. Its publisher was a very minor one, noted for sensationalist titles. The author - Terry Melanson - is the owner and developer of the "Illuminati Conspiracy Archive" where paranoia and absurdity reign supreme. He is also a noted anti-Mason, having 'foreseen' an occult revival with Freemasonry leading the way. A clear waste of money, I'd concluded at the outset.
However, despite my pre-judged conclusions, Perfectibilists is actually pretty good. The author has set aside all of the foolishness usually found on his website and has done what appears to besome great detective work. He notes that the Order of the Illuminati (the name to which the Perfectibilists was changed almost immediately) had approximately 2000-3000 members at its peak and he provides the biographies for hundreds of them. In addition, Melanson has sidebar 'excursions' into related topics, some an entire page, discussing things like the difference between the ACTUAL emblem of the Illuminati (the OWL!) and what we today think of as their emblem, that pyramid with the eye.
The book is interesting in that the primary text is less than 170 pages but then there are 'supplements' totaling another 300 pages along with an exhaustive table of contents. Footnotes are scrupulously provided and the professionalism with which this work was created is really quite impressive. Unfortunately, this may be similar to the way Mr. Melanson has provided footnotes about Freemasonry in his various online screeds so one should consider the material with a jaundice eye unless/until validations are made by trained historians - something that Mr. Melanson isn't.

What others say

Online we found an excellent summary of the entire Illuminati Conspiracy theory. We've placed it here with permission of the site owner. Perhaps you'll find it interesting....

Luka Magnotta

The Illuminati Freemason Conspiracy

From Public Eye and Political Research Associates:
The Freemasons began as members of craft guilds who united into lodges in England in the early 1700's. They stressed religious tolerance, the equality of their male peers, and the themes of classic liberalism and the Enlightenment. Today they are a worldwide fraternal order that still educates its members about philosophical ideas, and engages in harmless rituals, but also offers networking for business and political leaders, and carries out charitable activities.
The idea of a widespread freemason conspiracy originated in the late 1700's and flourished in the US in the 1800's. Persons who embrace this theory often point to purported Masonic symbols such as the pyramid and the eye on the back of the dollar bill as evidence of the conspiracy. Allegations of a freemason conspiracy trace back to British author John Robison who wrote the 1798 book Proofs of a ConspiracyAgainst All the Religions and Governments of Europe, carried on in the secret meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies, collected from good authorities. Robison influenced French author Abbé Augustin Barruel, whose first two volumes of his eventual four volume study, Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, beat Robison's book to the printer. Both Robison and Barruel discuss the attempt by Bavarian intellectual Adam Weishaupt to spread the ideas of the Enlightenment through his secretive society, the Order of the Illuminati.
Weishaupt was appointed a professor at the University of Ingolstadt in Germany around 1772 and elevated to the post of professor of Canon Law in 1773 or 1775 (sources conflict), the first secularist to hold that position previously held by clergy.  Weishaupt began planning a group to challenge authoritarian Catholic actions in 1775, the group (under a different name) was announced on May 1, 1776. This group evolved into the Illuminati. The Enlightenment rationalist ideas of the Illuminati were, in fact, brought into Masonic lodges where they played a role in a factional fight against occultist philosophy. The Illuminati was suppressed in a series of edicts between 1784 and 1787, and Weishaupt himself was banished in 1785.
Weishaupt, his Illuminati society, the Freemasons, and other secret societies are portrayed by Robison and Barruel as bent on despotic world domination through a secret conspiracy using front groups to spread their influence.
Barruel claimed the conspirators "had sworn hatred to the altar and the throne, had sworn to crush the God of the Christians, and utterly to extirpate the Kings of the Earth." For Barruel the grand plot hinges on how Illuminati "adepts of revolutionary Equality and Liberty had buried themselves in the Lodges of Masonry" where they caused the French revolution, and then ordered "all the adepts in their public prints to cry up the revolution and its principles." Soon, every nation had its "apostle of Equality, Liberty, and Sovereignty of the People."
Robison, a professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, argued that the Illuminati evolved out of Freemasonry, and called the Illuminati philosophy "Cosmo-politism." According to Robison:
"Their first and immediate aim is to get the possession of riches, power, and influence, without industry; and, to accomplish this, they want to abolish Christianity; and then dissolute manners and universal profligacy will procure them the adherents of all the wicked, and enable them to overturn all the civil governments of Europe; after which they will think of farther conquests, and extend their operations to the other quarters of the globe, till they have reduced mankind to the state of one indistinguishable chaotic mass."
Robert Alan Goldberg, in his book Enemies Within, summarizes the basic themes of the books by Barruel and Robison:
"Writing in the aftermath of the French Revolution, these monarchists had created a counterhistory in defense of the aristocracy. Winning the hearts and minds of present and future readers would assuage some of the pain of recent defeat and mobilize defenses. The Revolution, they argued, was not rooted in poverty and despotism. Rather than a rising of the masses, it was the work of Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati, a secret society that plotted to destroy all civil and religious authority and abolish marriage, the family, and private property. It was the Illuminati who schemed to turn contented peasants 'from Religion to Atheism, from decency to dissoluteness, from loyalty to rebellion.' "
The major immediate political effect of allegations of an Illuminati Freemason conspiracy in Europe was to mobilize support for national oligarchies traditionally supported by the Catholic Church hierarchy. Across Europe authoritarian governing elites were coming under attack by reformist and revolutionary movements demanding increased political rights under secular laws. The ideas of the Enlightenment were incorporated by the leaders of both the French and American revolutions, and in a sense, these Enlightenment notions were indeed subversive to the established social order, although they were hardly a secret conspiracy. The special status of the Catholic Church in European nation-states was actually threatened by the ideas being discussed by the Illuminati and the rationalist wing of the Freemasons.
Several common conspiracist themes emerge from these two books. The Enlightenment themes of equality and liberty are designed to destroy respect for property and the natural social hierarchy. Orthodox Christianity is to be destroyed and replaced with universalism, deism...or worse. Persons with a cosmopolitan outlook--encouraging free-thinking and international cooperation--are to be suspect as disloyal subversive traitors out to undermine national sovereignty and promote anarchy.
Shortly after the Barruel book was published, conspiracy theories about the Illuminati Freemasons were mixed with antisemitism in Europe. This confluence took place much later in the US.
Adapted from Chip Berlet and Matthew N. Lyons. 2000. Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort.
Abbé Augustin Barruel, Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, second edition revised and corrected, English translation by Robert Clifford,  (originally published 1797-1798, reprinted in one volume, Fraser, MI: Real-View-Books, 1995).
John Robison, Proofs of a Conspiracy—against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, carried on in the secret meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and Reading Societies, fourth edition with postscript, (originally published 1798, reprinted Boston: Western Islands, 1967)
Richard Hofstadter, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics,” in The paranoid style in American politics: And other essays (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1965).
George Johnson, Architects Of Fear, (Los Angeles: Tarcher/Houghton Mifflin, 1983).
Chip Berlet and Matthew N. Lyons, Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort, (New York: Guilford Publications, 2000)
Robert Alan Goldberg, Enemies Within: The Culture of Conspiracy in Modern America, (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2001).
Herm. Gruber, "Illuminati," The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VII,  (New York, NY: Robert Appleton Company, 1910).
Our thanks to Public Eye for this material.

Other sites worth noting:

The Grand Lodge of British Columbia has some excellent in-depth material on this subject right here.
The Skeptic's Dictionary has an excellent article on this topic with many links to the leading conspiracists right here.
The Straight Dope responds to the bizarre charge that somehow the Masons picked May 1st as the day to celebrate Communism. We found their summary quite well done.
Professor Jack Lynch now of Rutgers has an excellent timeline of the 18th century. We also like his essay on judging websites by their covers. <grin>

Anti-Masons and Illuminati fantasies

Some Masonophobes are absolutely 'over the moon' about the Illuminati.Karen Trenouth whose attempts to solve the 'Jack the Ripper' murders are hysterically funny doesn't seem capable of ending a paragraph without having included the word. Leo Zagami pretends he's actually a member - which leads one to wonder why those who most fear this ostensible organization don't wrestle him to the ground and make him provide some proof of all those he claims are members. Jew-hater Texe Marrs obsesses about sex and the Illuminati. You've got to wonder where HIS mind is at these days.

Bilderberg Conference / Area 51 Book

Bilderberg Conferences reference page: Secret lobbying for Anti-Democratic European Superstate by Western Elite

Luka Magnotta
Area 51 Book

The Banned Articles of C. Gordon Tether

Extracts from a pamphlet of 46 banned Financial Times articles entitled
'The Banned Articles of C. Gordon Tether'
Goodhead News Press - Bicester - 1977
ISBN 0 905821 00 9

Introduction - by C. Gordon Tether

03May76 - The Prince and the Bilderbergers

[back cover] C. Gordon Tether entered economic journalism at the height of the 1930's slump. War service in the R.A.F. apart, he spent the whole of his working life first with the Financial News and then with the Financial Times when the two papers merged after World War II. He took over the banking and finance column under the pen-name 'Lombard' in the mid 1950's and built it into one of the papers' leading features.
His views came to be widely quoted abroad, while in this country Sir Harold Wilson paid tribute to him on more than one occasion as one of Britain's most distinguished independent journalists. His column eventually achieved such longevity that it earned an entry in the Guinness book of Records as the longest running feature in the British press.
Believing the meaningful freedom of the press provides the best safeguard of the democratic way of life, Mr Tether has always attached the greatest importance to the preservation of his independence. This brought him into serious conflict with the Financial Times after the appointment of a new editor in 1973, attempts being made to establish closer control over the contents of his daily columns and his choice of subject. Although the result was the increasingly frequent suppression of his work, he refused to abandon his stand.
A disputes committee set up by the National Union of Journalists and the Newspaper Publishers Association eventually found that the Financial Times had sought to change Mr. Tether's conditions of working and that the change was concerned with eroding the independence of his work. It also, however, declared itself unable to resolve the dispute and shortly after it had reported the Financial Times took Mr. Tether's column away from him and handed it over to a team of writers.

Luka Magnotta will eventually, and must for certin disappear. He is a risk to the nation.

Introduction - by C. Gordon Tether

On the afternoon of 20th July last, a letter from the Editor of the Financial Times, Mr M. H. Fisher, arrived on my desk. It was to inform me that he was no longer prepared to publish my copy in the Lombard column, which from that moment would be written by other writers on his staff. This marked a new turn in the struggle, in which I had been engaged for some three years, to preserve the independence of the internationally renowned column I had created and had written daily without interruption, holidays apart, for more than twenty years.
Beyond a sentence inserted at the foot of the column a few days later saying that I had ceased to write it, no explanation was offered for my sudden departure and no indication given that it was not my wish nor my intention to desert the column.
The attack on my independence had taken several forms, of which the most conspicuous was the total suppression of columns on an ever-increasing scale. In all nearly fifty articles suffered this fate, about half of this number during the six months before I was finally exiled on 20th July 1976.
Al these banned articles are now being published for two reasons. In the first place, many of those who were not acquainted with the background may have been puzzled by the Financial Times' treatment of my column, or may have gained a false impression of what was involved. They will now be able to see for themselves what they were being denied the opportunity of reading.
Secondly, their publication can make a useful contribution to the important debate on Press freedom now taking place with special regard to the writer's duty - as expressed in the NUJ's code of conduct - 'to defend the principle of freedom of the Press in relation to the collection of information and the expression of comment and criticism'.
The Editor of the Financial Times wrote to me on 8th July 1974, '...like any other journalist on this paper you are subject to the directives of the Editor who alone decides what appears or does not appear in the Financial Times.' My experience will demonstrate what one interpretation of this proposition can mean for a writer who has devoted the whole of his working life to the creation of a responsible column that has made a not inconsiderable contribution to the national and international debate.
C Gordon Tether
February 15th 1977

The Prince and the Bilderbergers

Article 30 in 'The banned articles of C. Gordon Tether'
This censored Financial Times' 'Lombard' Column was written 3rd May 1976
Published in Verdict - November 1976

Whatever the conclusions reached by the committee which the Dutch Government has very sensibly set up to inquire into the charge that Prince Bernhard was a recipient of Lockheed largess, one thing is certain. It is that the affair will breathe new life into  that long-smoldering controversy over the role that the Bilderberg group and its clandestine get-togethers play in world economics and business affairs. For the prince took a large part in the formation of this organisation, its first meeting having been held under his chairmanship in 1954. And, as the president, he has been the master of ceremonies at its annual conferences ever since.
A pamphlet published by an organisation calling itself the 'American Friends of Bilderberg' says that the group owes its origin to the fact that, in the early 1950's a number of people on both sides of the Atlantic were seeking a means of bringing together leading citizens - in and out of government - for informal discussions on problems facing the Atlantic community. 'It was felt' it goes on, 'that such meetings would create a better understanding of the forces and trends affecting Western nations, and, in particular, would help to clear up differences and misunderstandings that might weaken the West.'
Nothing much wrong with that, you might say. Are there not, indeed, many other organisations that concern themselves with the same good cause? And this being so, why should the activities of the Bilderberg group be singled out for special attention - and largely hostile attention at that?

Two Reasons

There seems to be two main reasons for this. One is that the 'Bilderbergers' have always insisted upon clothing their comings and goings in the closest secrecy. Until a few years back, this was carried to such lengths that their annual conclave went entirely unmarked in the world's Press. In the more recent past, the veil has been raised to the extent of letting it be known that the meetings were taking place. But the total ban on the reporting of what went on has remained in force.
This acute concern with privacy is usually justified on the grounds - as the American Friends of Bilderberg put it - that 'the gatherings have to be closed and off the record in order to assure freedom of speech and opinion.' But there has been an inevitable tendency for conspiratologists to argue that only those with something to hide could consistently behave in such clandestine fashion.
The other main reason why the Bilderberg set-up has come to be a favourite target for the finger of suspicion is to be found in the nature of its 'cast-list'.
There are no members of Bilderberg as such. 'Each year' - and again I quote - 'an invitation list is compiled by Prince Bernhard in consultation with an informal international steering committee.' Yet invariably included in the 80 to 100 participants are representatives of many of the world's largest capitalist empires - men wielding immense power in the fields of economics and business. And many of these attend all the meetings , along with a number of 'regulars' operating in other parts of the corridors of power - one of them being Mr. Healy, the Chancellor of the Exchequer.


It is this close identification with the megaton-weights of the international business community that has encouraged the growth of the idea that Bilderbergism is the arm of a movement whose main aim is to create - 'a world fit for multinationals to live in' - which may indeed even see itself as spear-heading the establishment of World Government by such interests. And it is because of this that prince Bernhard's involvement in the Lockheed affair must be expected to give new impetus to the Bilderberg controversy.
It naturally has to be accepted that the Prince did not take bribes from Lockheed unless and until the investigating body has proved otherwise. But this does not alter the fact that there is a strong suggestion in what has emerged so far that he was involved in some degree in the 'wheeling and dealing' processes which have evidently played an extremely important part in the international fight for aircraft business.
There is no difficulty in seeing that this does not prove anything so far as the Bilderberg group is concerned. But it would hardly be surprising if the fact  that light of this kind has been thrown on the activities of its top man was not seized upon as supporting evidence by those who maintain that Bilderbergism is an unseen force of great significance in world affairs that we aught to know a lot more about.
I should add that official accounts I have seen of Bilderberg meetings issued on a 'personal and strictly confidential' basis do not contain anything that would not rank as standard fare at any international conference whose purpose was 'to clear up differences and misunderstandings that might weaken the West.' But any conspiratologist who has the Bilderbergers in his sights will quickly make the point that the real meat of their discussions - the alleged global conspiracy work - will find no place in such documentation and then proceed to ask why it is that, if there is so little to hide, so much effort is devoted to hiding it?

Suggested letter to your MP about Bilderberg

House of Commons
I am concerned about the secretive annual Bilderberg conferences.
Like many other British citizens I worry about the anti-democratic nature of these conferences where a selection of the most powerful politicians, business men and media chiefs from Europe and North America gather to shape international policy for the West. I believe the people of Britain have a right to know more about these secretive conferences which have so often shaped their destinies.
Given that 'the EU was nurtured at Bilderberg meetings' I would be grateful if you would ask/table questions and or introduce early day motions to discover and make public answers to the following:
1. Who, from the UK parliament, has been invited to attend the Bilderberg conferences?
2. Will their attendance be publicly funded?
3. Will the media be able to cover the meeting and, if not, why not?
4. Will those that attend Bilderberg face parliamentary questioning on their return to the UK?
Yours sincerely

Luka Magnotta

22Nov00 - Bilderberg's Magic Wand of Power

Bilderberg, it is said, has an uncanny knack of inviting people who later reach very powerful elected positions. It is another one of those surely unprovable allegations, that the most powerful people in the world are selected or 'interviewed' for supposedly democratically elected jobs, including heads of state, at Bilderberg.

Hard evidence of anything to do with Bilderberg policy-wise is almost impossible to get hold of. All venues are swept for bugs (not that we were using any at Genval this June!) and minutes of the steering group are definitely not publicly available.
Nevertheless, circumstantial evidence suggests Bilderberg really do have a magic wand. Take a look at the list of important career moves for the following democratic appointments:
  1. Bill Clinton - Head of State - USA
    Attends Bilderberg meeting, Germany, 1991 - gets Presidential Nomination Aug 1992
  2. Tony Blair - effective Head of State - UK
    Attends Bilderberg meeting, Greece, 1993 - becomes party leader Jul 1994 - becomes Prime Minister May 1997
  3. Jack Santer - previous Head of State (sacked for corruption) - Europe
    Attends Bilderberg, Germany, 1991 - becomes European President Jan 1995
  4. Romano Prodi - present Head of State - Europe
    On Bilderberg Steering Committee mid 1980's, attends Bilderberg meeting, Portugal, Jun 1999 - sworn in as President of Europe Sep 1999 (term lasts until Jan 2005)
  5. George Robertson - CEO - NATO
    Attends Bilderberg meeting, Scotland, 1998 - sworn in as Secretary General of NATO Aug 1999
A remarkable series of coincidences.

Addendum 2004:  Lionel Jospin, participated in Bilderberg 1996. He became Prime Minister of France in 1997 (until 2002). Also, Michel Rocard, French Prime Minister from 1988 to 1991, was for a long time member of the Bilderberg group, before becoming Prime minister. [thanks to my correspondant Monsieur Grenier]

Who has been to Bilderberg? - participants broken down by country

Why not see if your favourite (or maybe despised?) head of state went to Bilderberg a year or two before an important success in his or her career? Why not search the attendance lists on the Bilderberg meeting pages?
http://www.bilderberg.org/1999.htm is a good place to start.
I have not dug deep for this information, a few minutes on the internet is enough to put two and two together here. They, how you say, take the piss! Bon chance!
Do please let me know if you find other Heads of State in the good old free western world world that got one of those magical Bilderberg invites, before they hit the big time.

btw - The President of the European Commission is the unelected President of Europe. For those of you that haven't been told yet the European Commission is an unelected cabinet government for a corporate controlled European superstate. This apparatus is looking decidedly fascist in its unaccountable top-down structure with policy being 'suggested' to the Commission by the European Round Table of Industrialists, a group the current Bilderberg Chairman Etienne Davignon helped found. It really is a small world.

Even MEP's will tell you their role is merely to rubber stamp directives issued by the Commission. It is verging on the critical that treaties are not signed and what admittedly imperfect national sovereignty we have left is not ceeded to such an organisation which is being given increasing power without proper accountability.

Democratic Europe yes, Corporate Superstate no thanks very much.

The Ashdown Diaries - Volume One 1988-1997

Penguin - 2000 - ISBN 0 14 029775 8 - pp.42-44

Thursday 11 May, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Bilderberg Conference

At 2 o’clock to Heathrow to catch a flight to Santiago de Compostela for the Bilderberg Conference – described to me as ‘fifty people who run the world and twenty hangers on’. No doubt which category I am in!
I discovered that the people here include Henry Kissinger, Lord Carrington (1), The King and Queen of Spain, The Queen of Holland, Phillipe Gonzalez the prime minister of Spain, Wilfried Martens the Prime Minister of Belgium, Dr. Franz Vranitzky the Chancellor of Austria, John Smith (2) and too many Tory Government Ministers to name.
Dinner was excellent. I ate a dozen oysters and a load of shellfish. This could be fun.
Afterwards, Cecil Parkinson (3), John Smith and I sat in armchairs drinking brandy. Cecil turned out to be rather engaging and astonishingly frank about the Government's position. He left for bed early and John and I continued for another hour or so, accompanied by considerably more brandy.
Smith believes that the Labour Party can do it by themselves and are well on their way to just this. He rejects the idea of pacts. I got the impression of somebody who has a very quick but narrow mind. I am not sure whether this is his natural way or comes from belonging to the Labour party since birth. He is an engaging talker, but there seems to be something missing. Everything seems to be politics.

Friday, 12 May, Santiago de Compostela

Bilderberg Conference

A bit of a thick head following John Smith and the brandy last night. A brief breakfast then into the meeting. We sat in a glass-panelled room overlooking the sea, slightly crowded together, Nevertheless very congenial. The first discussion was on recent developments in Eastern Europe. Tim Garton Ash (4) gave an exceptionally good talk.
In the afternoon a discussion on arms control, chaired by Carrington, in which Henry Kissinger and Teo Sommer (the editor of Die Zeit) gave an inside view. Fascinating stuff. Kissinger was a bit hesitant to start with but his summing-up was brilliant.
In the afternoon we talked about Europe, Giovanni Agnelli (5) and Lloyd Bentsen (6) giving their versions. The show was stolen, however, by Peter Sutherland, (7) who is very very bright. The general view is that the Soviet Union’s economy is in the most wretched state and bound to fail, along with those of most of the Eastern Bloc countries. The West should not encourage the break-up of the Warsaw Pact, but should help the process of rapprochment as far as it can.

Saturday 13 May, Santiago de Compostela

Bilderberg Conference

US/Soviet relations in the morning. This was by far and away our best session, with Rosanne Ridgeway, the Chief of the Disarmament Staff in the White House, giving us her view. She is a remarkable lady with seemingly a firm grip on everything around her. However, I found her attitude to modernization quite chilling. Apparently the Soviets are about to offer deep cuts in conventional forces down to parity. She didn’t think this made any difference to the question of stationing modernized nuclear weapons in Germany. She must be mad!
In afternoon a long discussion on monetary union in Europe. Nearly everybody attacked Mrs. Thatcher, even her closest admirers. The only exception was Cecil Parkinson, who put up a spirited loyal defence, but didn’t make any sense and had his leg pulled by everyone else.

Sunday 14 May, Santiago de Compostela

Bilderberg Conference

Contacted by ITN at 11.00am, [how interesting that ITN failed to tell the public Paddy was at Bilderberg - ed.] who told me that Owen had held a meeting the night before and the SDP had decided they were no longer a national party. To put a brave face on it, Owen has apparently indicated that he will continue with ‘guerilla tactics’, whatever that means. ITN asked me for a comment and I tried not to sound triumphalist. I deliberately left the door open to the possibility of a merger, though, of course, this is not in reality a practical option. But we must look as welcoming as possible.
At last! This long wretched period – at least in so far as Owen is concerned – appears over. I have not felt so cheered in years.
A brilliant cloudless day. I spent the afternoon by the swimming pool, reading through the proofs of Citizens Britain (8) and making further amendments. The trick will be to ensure that reviewers see it not just as a motley collection of ideas, but as a framework for the new shape of progressive politics in Britain.
  1. Lord Carrington had just finished his appointment as Secretary General of NATO, before this he held various Cabinet positions in Conservative Governments
  2. Rt Hon John Smith MP (1938-94). At the time the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. He subsequently became Leader of the Labour Party until his sudden and unexpected death. MP (Labour) for Lanarkshire North (1970-83), Monklands East (1983-94).
  3. Secretary of State for Energy. MP (Conservative) for Enfield West (Nov 1970-74), Hertfordshire South (1974-83), Hertsmere (1983-92). He now sits in the House of Lords.
  4. Fellow of St Anthony’s College, Oxford, Author of many books and articles on international affairs, especially Eastern Europe.
  5. International industrialist.
  6. The 1988 Democratic Party nominee for US Vice-President. He served in Clinton’s first Administration as Secretary to the Treasury.
  7. Formerly a European Commissioner, now an international businessman.
  8. At the beginning of 1989, I had decided to write a book as a part of my plan to reverse the decline of the Party and start building for the future. The aim was to mark out a core of ideas which would articulate what we stood for and explain why we still had a role. The book was completed in the summer and published for our Autumn Conference.

from: The Ashdown Diaries - Volume One 1988-1997 - Penguin - 2000 - ISBN 0 14 029775 8

What is the Power Elite? - Opening paragraphs of C Wright Mills' classic 1950's book of the same name

Introduction to: The Power Elite, C Wright Mills, Oxford University Press, 1956. ISBN 0 19 500680-1

The Higher Circles

The powers of ordinary men are circumscribed by the everyday worlds in which they live, yet even in these rounds of job, family, and neighborhood they often seem driven by forces they can neither understand nor govern. ‘Great changes’ are beyond their control, but affect their conduct and outlook none the less. The very framework of modern society confines them to projects not their own, but from every side, such changes now press upon the men and women of the mass society, who accordingly feel that they are without purpose in an epoch in which they are without power.
But not all men are in this sense ordinary. As the means of information and of power are centralized, some men come to occupy positions in American society from which they can look down upon, so to speak, and by their decisions mightily affect, the everyday worlds of ordinary men and women. They are not made by their jobs; they set up and break down jobs for thousands of others; they are not confined by simple family responsibilities; they can escape. They may live in many hotels and houses, but they are bound by no one community. They need not merely ‘meet the demands of the day and hour’; in some part, they create these demands, and cause others to meet them. Whether or not they profess their power, their technical and political experience of it far transcends that of the underlying population. What Jacob Burckhardt said of ‘great men,’ most Americans might well say of their elite: ‘They are all that we are not.”
The power elite is composed of men whose positions enable them to transcend the ordinary environments of ordinary men and women; they are in positions to make decisions having major consequences. Whether they do or do not make such decisions is less important than the fact that they do occupy such pivotal positions: their failure to act, their failure to make decisions, is in itself an act that is often of greater consequence than the decisions they do make. For they are in command of the major hierarchies and organisations of modern society. They rule the big corporations. They run the machinery of the state and claim its prerogatives. They direct the military establishment. They occupy the strategic command posts of the social structure, in which are now centered the effective means of the power and the wealth and the celebrity which they enjoy.
The power elite are not solitary rulers. Advisers and consultants, spokesmen and opinion-makers are often the captains of their higher thought and decision. Immediately below the elite are the professional politicians of the middle levels of power, in the Congress and in the pressure groups, as well as the new and old upper classes of town and city and region. Mingling with them, in curious ways which we shall explore, are those professional celebrities who live by being continually displayed but are never, so long as they remain celebrities, displayed enough. If such celebrities are not at the head of any dominating hierarchy, they do often have the power to distract the attention of the public or afford sensations to the masses, or, more directly, to gain the ear of those who do occupy positions of direct power. More or less unattached, as critics of morality and technicians of power, as spokesman of God and creators of mass sensibility, such celebrities and consultants are part of the immediate scene in which the drama of the elite is enacted. But that drama itself is centered in the command posts of the major institutional hierarchies....

See http://www.cwrightmills.org

05Aug99 - George Robertson confirmed as new Secretary General of NATO

Is it mere coincidence that the only Government Minister named (there may have been others) as an attendee of last year's conference in the UK, when Kosovo was so clearly discussed, was the same George Robertson, and that the UK's previous NATO Sec Gen., Lord Carrington, was in the chair?
Paul Keenan


To understand who controls the leadership of NATO, the world's biggest military operation and now the 'World Army', you only have to look at the connection of the NATO Secretary-Generals to the Bilderberg Group.
The earlier sec-gens do not appear to have been Bilderberg attendees, but if you know different, please let me know. These were Lord Ismay (1952-1957), Paul Henri Spaak (1957-1961), Dirk U. Stikker (1961-1964), and Manlio Brosio (1964-1971).
But from then on, the leader of NATO has become a Bilderberg appointment.
They are:
  • Joseph Luns (1971-1984) Bilderberg Group
  • Lord Carrington (1984-1988) Bilderberg Group, chairman 1991-1998).
  • Manfred Wörner (1988-1994) Bilderberg Group
  • Willy Claes (1994-1995) Bilderberg Group
  • Javier Solana (1995-1999) Bilderberg Group
  • Lord Robertson (1999- ) Bilderberg Group
How much easier it therefore becomes to instigate Bilderberg policy in the Gulf, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc., etc..

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Bilderberg offices - In Europe and North America

These numbers for Maja Banck and the Bilderberg secretariat may change. Please contact me if you find these telephone numbers are not working and/or you find new numbers and addresses.

Current Bilderberg Steering Group pamphlets listing steering group members are available free of charge  to bona fide researchers, as well as past attendance lists. All Bilderberg secetariat press enquiries should be directed to this office.

European Office (Location: Leiden University)
Maja Banck-Polderman (Executive Secretary)
PO Box 3017
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The Netherlands
Phone +31 71 5280 521
Fax +31 71 5280 522

Old European office - no longer  believed to be in use:
Maja Banck-Polderman
Bilderberg Meetings
Amstel 216
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Old phone no: +31 (20) 625 0252
Old Fax: +31 (20) 624 4299 (old fax number - may be out of date)

These were ex-directory phone numbers at The Old Bilderberg Towers, Amstel 216, from an anon. source: 626-8932, 626-8932, 624-1672 (phone of Victor Halberstaat?), 620-6278, 420-7075, 420-7400 (pretty def. Bilderberg phone), 620-9104. add +31 (20) to all if dialling from outside Amsterdam.
Another office reported at:
Bilderberger Group
1, Smidswater,
Den Haag,
Phone (070) 45 21 21
North America
Charles W. Muller
American Friends of Bilderbergs, Inc.
477 Madison Ave., 6th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Phone: +1 (212) 879 0545
Bilderberg Public Relations.
Charles W Muller or Ronnie Glattauer of
Murden & Co., Georgia, USA,
Phone: +1 (770) 945 8921

Luka Magnotta

British Prime minister, Tony Blair, lies about his 1993 Bilderberg trip when quizzed at question time

There's heaps of evidence that he was there, so why bother to deny the trip? What has Blair got to hide?Blair asked about Bilderberg trips, replies: "none"

Was Blair at the 1993 Bilderberg Conference in Athens? Evidence - clearly Yes
Blair's rise to power following Bilderberg attendance
Further parliamentary Bilderberg questions
Letter from a worried MP, Christopher Gill

Blair replies to parliamentary question on Bilderberg participation - From Commons written answers March 1998:

"Mr. Christopher Gill MP: To ask the Prime Minister which members of his Government have attended meetings of the Bilderberg Group. [34298]
The Prime Minister [holding answer 16 March 1998]: None. "

Might the PM have forgotten the trip? No, this reply is misleading. Blair attended the 1993 Bilderberg Conference in Athens. He even belatedly declared it in the register of members' interests. His presence was reported in, to take just one source, The London Times, 4th March 1996, page 16 in an article entitled Wall Street, treason and Pat Buchanan by William Rees-Mogg, who attended Bilderberg 1993 in Athens too.

What we are not told is that anything that took place before Blair was made PM is deemed not to have existed when replying to parliamentary questions. How convenient!

Five proofs that Tony Blair was at the 1993 Conference in Athens... fuller details below

  1. William Rees-Mogg writing in The Times who was also there

  2. 1993 Bilderberg Press Release

  3. Parliamentary Memorandum

  4. The Times Diary

  5. The Guardian

Firstly, confirmation from eyewitness and London Times columnist, William Rees-Mogg on 4th March 1996

..."Last time I went to a Bilderberg conference, it was held in Athens, about three years ago. Tony Blair was there, not yet leader of the Labour Party, Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel were there, the Queen of The Netherlands was there. It was all pleasantly grand. ..... The Queen of The Netherlands is as Euro-fanatic as Ted Heath, Tony Blair is a modest good European, I have been an anti-Maastricht campaigner and Mr Black is a Canadian neo-realist who owns 500 newspapers."
from 04Mar96 - London Times article: "WALL STREET, TREASON AND PAT BUCHANAN."

Secondly, confirmed in a press release issued by Bilderberg Secretariat at the conference:

(attendance list extracted from Press Release)...............
S, Carl Bildt; Prime Minister
ICE, Bjorn Bjarnason; Member of Parliament
CDN, Conrad M Black; Chairman, The Telegraph plc
GB, Tony Blair; Member of Parliament (Shadow Home Secretary, Labor) <===HERE IS BLAIR!
N, Erik G.; Managing Director and CEO, Braathens SAFE
IL, Connor Brady; Editor, The Irish Times
GB, Rudric Braithwaite; Foreign Policy adviser to Prime Minister

reference on this site

Thirdly, confirmation from a Memorandum submitted by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards:

"Complaint against Mr Kenneth Clarke 1. Mrs Lynn Riley, of Chepstow, Monmouthshire, wrote on 28 February 1997 to a Member of the House, alleging that Mr Kenneth Clarke MP had failed to register `the free trip and accommodation he received from the Bilderberg Group ... unlike Tony Blair who attended the same meeting'. She enclosed a letter from Mr Clarke dated 6 September 1995 in which he states that `my recollection is that I paid for my flight but that I was accommodated while I was there'. The Member passed the correspondence on to me……………………….
5. Mr Clarke subsequently explained that he and Mr Blair considered that they were attending the conference as representatives of the Government and the Opposition respectively, and stated that `I was quite confident that I was at the time meeting the rules applying to Ministers, and it did not occur to me that the new rules concerning registration could apply to this visit'. "

Fourthly, confirmation in the London Times Diary

The London Times: diary, 24 May 1995, p16:

"With concern about sleaze in mind, Tony Blair has belatedly listed in the updated Register of Members' Interests (published tomorrow) a visit he made in 1993 to the Bilderberg Conference in Athens as Shadow Home Secretary. His companion, Kenneth Clarke, suffers no such qualms, he hasn't registered the trip."

Fifthly, confirmation in The Guardian, 29May97, in article headed "GALLOWAY CLEARED IN SAUDI CASE."


"Committee backs Downey report on MP's role in deportation case

.... "The former chancellor Kenneth Clarke was also cleared of any major breach of Commons rules after allegations about his attendance at a conference in Greece with Tony Blair. The committee agreed in a report published with Sir Gordon that any breach of the rules on registration was "relatively minor". Mr Clarke allegedly failed to register a free trip and accommodation at the Bilderberg Conference on European and world affairs in April 1993 when he was home secretary. Mr Clarke paid his own air fare, but his accommodation was provided by the hosts.
GUARDIAN 29/07/97 P6

Chronology of Blair's rise to power

One possible reason why the Prime Minister has lied to the House of Commons about attending the 1993 Bilderberg meeting might be that it was the first stage of a business-driven, corporate press aided, selection process for his rise to political office. An 'interview' for the top job in Britain. Another is that he has been to more of these meetings than official Bilderberg attendance lists admit to. [see my article about Blair's unofficial presence at the 1998 conference in Scotland]

1993 - April 22nd-25th - Athens, Blair attends Bilderberg
1994 - July 21st - Blair becomes party leader by block votes [article]
1997 - May 2nd - Blair becomes Prime Minister
1998 - the rest, a miserable history of betrayal of working people

Now why not check out the magical rise to power of other western leaders approved by Bilderberg!

Other Parliamentary Bilderberg questions

[ Search here for latest Bilderberg questions in the Commons/Lords ]

Commons - Prime Minister Tony Blair's written answers (20 May 1999) Bilderberg Group
Mr. John Bercow MP: To ask the Prime Minister, pursuant to his answer to the hon. Member for Hereford (Mr. Keetch) of 7 May 1999, Official Report, columns 476-77, on the Bilderberg Group, what official (i) transport and (ii) funds have been used to facilitate attendance at Bilderberg meetings of members of his Government; which members have attended meetings; what reports they have made on the meetings; and what subsequent communication they have had with others attending on subjects discussed at the meetings. [84213] [John Bercow MP]
The Prime Minister: As far as I am aware, only one member of this Government--the Defence Secretary--has attended a meeting of the Bilderberg Group. He provided a detailed account of his attendance in answers to the hon. Members for Ludlow (Christopher Gill MP) on 23 July 1998, Official Report, column 609, and for Hereford (John Keetch MP) on 20 July 1998, Official Report, column 434.
Commons - Written Answers (8 Apr 1998) Bilderberg Group
Mr. Nicholas Winterton MP: To ask the President of the Board of Trade what assessment she has made of the operations and influence on world trade of the Bilderberg Group. [37923]
Mrs. Roche: The Department has made no such assessments.
Commons - Written Answers (7 Apr 1998) Bilderberg Group
Mr. Nicholas Winterton MP: 
To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food what representations he has received on the influence of the Bilderberg group on world agricultural prices. [37924]
Mr. Rooker: No such representations have been received.
Commons - Prime Minister Tony Blair's written Answers (30 Mar 1998) Bilderberg Group
Mr. Christopher Gill MP: 
To ask the Prime Minister which members of his Government have attended meetings of the Bilderberg Group. [34298]
The Prime Minister [holding answer 16 March 1998]: None.

Luka Magnotta

Letter From Christopher Gill MP, seriously concerned about the Bilderbergers' influence


Mr. T. Gosling,
21 November 1998
Thank you for your letter of the 9th November 1998 expressing your concern about the Bilderberg Group.
I do not for one moment discount the possibility of there being some very powerful forces at work and that their intention is to undermine and destroy the nation state.
That being said I feel sure that you will agree that we have to be practical about these things and I am at a loss to know how we as individuals can counteract the activities of such bodies as the Bilderbergers. Given the reluctance of elected politicians to acknowledge the nature of the very real threat to our democracy it seems inconceivable that they will openly attack these groups and the thought that they might actually proscribe them is just too fanciful for words. Neither am I aware of any mechanism by which individuals can be prevented from holding private meetings if they so choose nor of compelling them to publish their agenda and resolutions. The fact that their intentions may be treasonable is hardly the point if national governments see nothing wrong in their activities.
It seems to me that the only sensible course of action as far as people like ourselves are concerned is to concentrate all our efforts on trying to convince one or other of the main political parties, firstly, to recognise the enormity of the threat to our democratic rights and secondly, to come out of their corner fighting to defend them. As a democrat I believe in using the system to achieve my political objectives. Where this belief falls down is when there is a conspiracy to deny choice and I don't mind saying that I dread the lang term consequences of continuing on down that particular road.
At the end of the day the people will win but how much more desirable it is that they should win by the ballot rather than by the bullet.
Please be assured that I am doing everything I know how, within the Conservative Party, to bring about a fundamental realignment before it is altogether too late.
Yours sincerely,
Christopher Gill MP

Fear Not the Forces of Darkness

7th July 1999 - Tony Gosling

Full page on the 1999 conference

There has been some particularly nasty disinformation around this summer's Bilderberg Conferences including a false participant list and a message on the 'June 18th global day of action' list from a made-up organisation accusing me of being taken in by Nazis [www.bilderberg.org/1999.htm#warning].
Please do check Bilderberg out for youself on the site I created free of speculation and racist claptrap to fill the knowledge gap from those on the 'left' and 'greens' about these global manipulators.
The alignment of the most powerful banking, media, and political forces at unaccountable forums must be taken seriously. Will Hutton calls them 'The High Priests of Globalisation'. Vandana Shiva, at last years People's Summit in Birmingham, called Globalisation: 'The New Totalitatianism'. We would hardly expect Bilderberg - which was started by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands - card carrying member of the SS at the beginning of World War II [www.bilderberg.org/bernhard.htm] - to be open about their activities or averse to a bit of disinformation.
Globalisation of their ownership power is the goal. 'Public opinion' and 'democracy' are competition that must be taken out of the picture. The annual meetings attempt to persuade powerful people who are critical of Globalisation to 'get on board'. This leaves the prime movers behing the pseudo-philosophy of Globalisation as a rich and powerful clutch of unaccountable 'High Priests': David Rockefeller, Evelyn De Rothschild, Henry Kissinger etc.. The Blairs and the Clintons of this world are merely their 'followers'.
Bilderberg appears to allow information to leak out to right-wing organisations like The Spotlight in the US so that information can be discredited as the rantings of extremists. Bilderberg produces official participant lists - which are on my site - but I have testimonial evidence [www.bilderberg.org/1998.htm#Blair] these lists are only partial and that heads of state, influential bankers and others are 'missed off' the list to make the meeting seem less newsworthy.
Anything you can do to discredit the lies and prompt informed discussion about the Bilderbergers amongst journalists and in the newspapers/radio/TV etc. will be a service to the public.
I think we are entering a very dangerous time in history with the prospect of Global Corporate Rule moving ever nearer. These corporations and their top-down structures are totalitarian and apparently immortal. It is important that people are informed as to the dangers but they stand little chance of that with the media becoming idealogically narrower and every day being consolidated into fewer hands.
It is worth remembering that the solution to the cloud of darkness these great de-humanised profit machines cast across our world may well be spiritual rather than political.

See my Tribulation page for links

16Feb99 - Tony's open letter to the Bilderbergers - with reply

This request to speak at the conference was an attempt to raise pivotal issues that the Bilderbergers seem unwilling to discuss:

The rights of indigenous peoples to self-determination and the rights of all of us to land and freedom from the slavery of debt.
[this is my old address- contact me here]
14 Lancaster Road
St. Werburghs
Bilderberg Meetings
Amstel 216
1017 AJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tuesday 16 February 1999

Dear Sir/Madam,
My previous letter [November 1998] seems to have been mislaid by yourselves. Please could you put my mind at rest by replying to the following. I am set to have a very busy spring and it would be difficult for me were I called to speak at short notice.
I would like the opportunity to make a three minute presentation on international land rights and economics at this spring’s Bilderberg meeting.
I realise the usual form is that presentations are made by invitation only but I’m sure you would not wish to be totally exclusive.
I’m certain you’ll agree it would be as well to avoid the mistakes that might come if any group pursues ‘tunnel vision’.
I will not be offended if you cannot fit me in but I would like the courtesy of a reply, I am sure you are aware of the central importance of private property rights to the success, or otherwise, of international finance.

Tony Gosling

23Feb99 - Response:


Amstel 216
1017 AJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone +31 20 625 0252
Fax +31 20 624 4299
Mr Tony Gosling
14 Lancaster Road
St. Werburghs
23 February 1999
Dear Mr. Gosling
In response to your letter of 16 February 1999 I must confirm that Bilderberg decides on its own program and that presentations are solely by invitation.
M. Bank
Executive Secretary

World government on the way

Tony Gosling - May 1998

When 'the high priests of globalisation' hold their annual gathering in the UK you might expect it to make the news. But the media chiefs in attendance conspire to keep Bilderberg Conferences as far the public eye as possible.
This extraordinary cartel of the world's richest bankers, media barons, multinational bosses, economists and politicians have been meeting secretly since 1954. Their alleged plutocratic plans, such as the EEC and EMU, later appear 'just to happen'.
A closer look at three central Bilderberg figures is illuminating.
Conrad Black, boss of the Telegraph and Hollinger news empire, hosted the 1996 conference. He is a devoted to one of the first preponents of World Government: Napoleon Bonaparte. In the early 1800's Napoleon suggested that: "Two powers like France and England, with a good understanding between them, might govern the world".
David Rockefeller runs Chase Manhattan, the bank that is prepared, quietly, to use it's 350 billion dollar power for political ends. A leaked Chase memo showed they used Mexican indebtedness to persuade the government to 'eliminate' Zapatistas (in the troubled Chiapas region) rather than talk to them.[see the memo on my page]
Finally Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who set up the annual Bilderberg Conferences, was an officer in Heinrich Himmler's elite SS or staff guard in Nazi Germany.
Articles, reports and background on the Bilderberg Conferences as well as 'insider leaks' from the Canadian 'New World Order Intelligence Update' and the U.S. 'Spotlight' newspaper can be found on the web through:
The Bilderbergers provide a disturbing insight into a New World Order which may be just around the corner. How chilling that whilst these individuals have arguably more wealth and power than any other group on earth we are allowed to hear not a single word of what they say.
In today's global network of power the Bilderbergers reign supreme. But they remain hideously silent on what their future holds for us and, more importantly, for our children and future generations.

November 1998 to February 1999 - Bilderberg questions tabled at European Parliament by Patricia McKenna MEP

European Parliament examining Bilderbergers

Tony Gosling

Since 1954 the secretive Bilderbergers have been holding private meetings that shape international economic strategy. They are one of the handful of groups that make up the annual 'Tribal Gatherings of the high priests of globalisation'*.
Though powerful people in and out of the public sphere attend they are 'requested' never to refer to the meetings as the place the international policy consensus has been reached.
At last elected members of the European Pariament are asking pertinent questions about the way in which cabals like the Bilderbergers compromise the integrity of senior public figures. In this case the unelected and powerful European Commissioners.
*Will Hutton (see: the article here)

Written questions, with evasive answers, tabled by Patricia McKenna MEP [Green Party - Ireland] to the European Commission, 3 Dec '98, in response to previous answers (see below)

Bilderberg Meetings: (Priority question)

Can the Commission explain more clearly its answer to my question H-0933/98, where it insists that participants attend Bilderberg *in a private capacity*, against all the evidence that these are far from being purely private meetings. If they are such, why does the Commission announce them in its Press Communiques, published by Reuters - would it announce a Commissioner attending a confernece on stamp-collecting, if that were his or her personal hobby?
And why is it that the Commissioners attending tend to be relevant to items on the agenda - Commissioner Van den Broek for Enlargement, Former Yugoslavia and Turkey, Commissioner Bjerregaard for Global Governance (applies to climate), Commissioner Monti for the European economy (Internal Market), or Commissioner Brittan for the EU/US Market Place. And most recently, at Turnberry, Minister George Robertson was ferried by military helicopter, on the clear understanding that he was present in an official capacity, just as happened in the past with Prime Minister Blair and then Minister Kenneth Clarke, now a member of the Steering Committee.
Does the Commission actually expect Members of Parliament to accept that British Ministers are attending these meetings in their official capacities, while Commissioners attend the same meeting in a private capacity?
And, why would the police exclude, and even arrest and charge, card carrying journalists if these were genuinely private meetings, whereas, if that were actually so, it would be the responsibility of the organizers to control access to the meetings by journalists, and the police would merely provide security checks to ensure the safety of the participants.
Since former Commissioners have continuing rights from, and duties to, the European Union, surely it behoves them to answer questions on these meetings, should the Commission so choose to ask them, and will the Commission now undertake to ask all former Commissioners still living whether they attended these and other similar meetings during their time as Commissioners.

P-3880/98EN Answer given by Mr Santer on behalf of the Commission (19 January 1999)

The Commission's reply that Members of the Commission who attended Bilderberg meetings expressed their personal views means that they were not representing the Commission, that they did not speak on behalf of the Commission and that their comments were not binding on the Commission. Naturally they were invited to attend the meetings mainly on account of their functions. The Commission considers that its Members should be free to express their views on subjects relating to the work of the Community, in particular during exchanges of views in international forums, without their participation being in any way binding on the Commission.

Further questions:

Participation of Commissioner Ritt Bjerregaard in 1995 Bilderberg Meeting:

Concerning the Bilderberg meeting attended by Commissioner Bjerregaard in Bürgenstock from 8-11 June 1995, could the Commission state:
1. What were the items which made up the total travel, and were the costs reimbursed at the time, or if not who paid them?
2. Since Bilderberg normally pays the lavish accomodation, should this be declared by the Commissioner,
3. Did the Commissioner receive the specified subsistence allowance for the days of this trip?
4. Did the Commissioner take leave of absence for this trip?

Participation of Commissioner Hans Van den Broek in 1995 Bilderberg Meeting:

Concerning the Bilderberg meeting attended by Commissioner Van den Broek in Bürgenstock from 8-11 June 1995, could the Commission state:
1. What were the items which made up the total travel, and were the costs reimbursed at the time, or if not who paid them?
2. Since Bilderberg normally pays the lavish accomodation, should this be declared by the Commissioner,
3. Did the Commissioner receive the specified subsistence allowance for the days of this trip?
4. Did the Commissioner take leave of absence for this trip?

Participation of Commissioner Mario Monti in Bilderberg:

Concerning the Bilderberg meeting attended by Commissioner Monti in Toronto from May 30 to June 2 1996, could the Commission state:
1. What were the items which made up the total travel, and were the costs reimbursed at the time, or if not who paid them?
2. Since Bilderberg normally pays the lavish accomodation, should this be declared by the Commissioner,
3. Did the Commissioner receive the specified subsistence allowance for the days of this trip?
4. Did the Commissioner take leave of absence for this trip?
Does the Commission feel that Commissioner Monti should have declared his membership of the Bilderberg Steering Committee?

Participation of Commissioner Emma Bonino in 1998 Bilderberg Meeting:

Concerning the Bilderberg meeting attended by Commissioner Bonino in Turnberry, Scotland from 14-17 May 1998, could the Commission state:
1. What were the items which made up the total travel, and were the costs reimbursed at the time, or if not who paid them?
2. Since Bilderberg normally pays the lavish accomodation, should this be declared by the Commissioner,
3. Did the Commissioner receive the specified subsistence allowance for the days of this trip?
4. Did the Commissioner take leave of absence for this trip?

Participation of Commissioner Leon Brittan in 1998 Bilderberg Meeting:

Concerning the Bilderberg meeting attended by Commissioner Brittan in Turnberry, Scotland from 14-17 May 1998, could the Commission state:
1. What were the items which made up the total travel, and were the costs reimbursed at the time, or if not who paid them?
2. Since Bilderberg normally pays the lavish accomodation, should this be declared by the Commissioner,
3. Did the Commissioner receive the specified subsistence allowance for the days of this trip?
4. Did the Commissioner take leave of absence for this trip?

The Common answer to the 5 questions to individual Commissioners,

Answered by Santer, newly emboldened by the Censure fiasco:

E-3899/98EN to E-3903/98EN Answer given by Mr Santer on behalf of the Commission (5 February 1999)
Travel and accommodation costs were covered in accordance with the provisions currently in force.
With respect to Mr Monti's participation at the Bilderberg Steering Committee meeting, the Commission would refer the Honourable Member to the answer to her oral question H-933/98 at question time at the second November part-session. (Debates of the Parliament No November II 1998).

Patricia McKenna's previous questions [now with answers]: November 98. To the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Commissioner Mario Monti (Strasbourg, 5.30-7pm, Nov 17th '98)

Luka Magnotta

SUBJECT: Participation of Commissioners in Bilderberg Group


"Will the Commission fully inform Parliament about the content and conclusions (or consensus reached) of the Bilderberg meetings attended by various Commissioners over the years, indicating fully which Commissioners attended which meetings since 1954. If not, why not."
"Will the Commission clarify whether Commissioners attend in their private or official capacities, since on the one hand Bilderberg and the participants normally claim they attend in their private capacities, whereas on the other hand the Commission has formally announced the participation in the past by Mrs Bjerregaard, Mr Monti, and Mr Van den Broek, and also Mr Kenneth Clarke and Mr Tony Blair have stated to the House of Commons in the past that they attended in their official capacities, and the full security apparatus of the host state not only protects the participants but also ensures the secrecy of the meetings, including the arresting and charging of journalists reporting on the meetings? Is Mr Monti's membership of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee fully compatible with the duties and obligations of being a Member of the European Commission as per Articles 155 to 163 of the EC Treaty ?"

Commissioner Mario Monti's reply to Question 69 (H-0933/98) tabled by Patricia McKenna

The Bilderberg meetings are an international forum in which political leaders and economists express their personal views on topics of general interest, particularly in the spheres of foreign policy and world economics. The participants attend meetings in a private capacity and the statements which they make are not binding on the Commission; no resolutions are passed, no votes are taken and no political communiques are issued.
For the above reasons, the Commission is unable to supply details of the substance and conclusions of such meetings, nor does it have any statistics regarding the participation of its members since the first meeting held in 1954.
Of the current Commission Members, Mrs Bjerregaard and Mr van den Broek attended the 1995 meeting, Mr Monti the 1996 meeting and Sir Leonard Brittan and Mrs Bonino the 1998 meeting. They all spoke in a private capacity at those meetings. Mr Monti was a member of the Steering Committee between 1983 and 1993, before becoming a Member of the Commission in 1995.

To the COUNCIL OF MINISTERS (Strasbourg, 5.30-7 pm, 18th November 1998)

SUBJECT: Council Member participation in Bilderberg Group


"Will the Council fully inform Parliament about the content and conclusions (or consensus reached) of the Bilderberg meetings attended by various Council Members over the years, indicating fully which Council Members attended which meetings since 1954. If not, why not."
"Will the Council clarify whether Council Members attend in their private or official capacities, since on the one hand Bilderberg and the participants normally claim they attend in their private capacities, whereas on the other hand Mr Kenneth Clarke and Mr Tony Blair have stated to the House of Commons in the past that they attended in their official capacities, the full security apparatus of the host state not only protects the participants but carries Ministers to the meetings (Mr Robertson at the recent Turnberry meeting) and also ensures the secrecy of the meetings and, for example, most recently Mr Campbell Thomas, a journalist and reserve police officer was arrested and charged at the Turnberry, Scotland meeting, it would appear for trying to report on the meeting for the Scottish Daily Mail, subsequently losing his position as a *special constable*?"

Commissioner Mario Monti's reply to Question No 4. (H-0932/98) tabled by Patricia McKENNA

In reply to the Honourable Member's question, I must stress that the Council has never had any occasion to discuss the matters alluded to. It might be pointed out in this connection that the meetings referred to took place outside the European Community framework. I should also like to draw the Honourable Member's attention to the fact that, in line with standard practice followed since the creation of the European Communities, the Council refrains from commenting on or taking a view on events outside their formal meetings. The Honourable Member will understand that, on these grounds, I am not in a position to reply to the specific question raised.

The New Unhappy Lords

They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords,Lords without anger and honour, who dare not carry their swords.
They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;
They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.
And the load of their loveless pity is worse than the ancient wrongs,
Their doors are shut in the evening; and they know no songs.
GK Chesterton - "The Secret People"

Extracts from my first source articles:

Many more articles here on the reports page and elsewhere - things have moved on a bit since I first read these articles!

1. 'The Bilderberg Group, The Invisible Power House'

With its membership selected from the power elite of Europe and North America, many wonder if the Bilderbergers are conspiring to establish a 'new world order'.

Nexus magazine, Vol. 3 #1, Available from:

PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia.
+61 (0) 7 5442 9280

2. 'Bilderberg Meetings, including letters from the Bilderberg secretariat' On Target Magazine

"'Democracy' has been imposed upon one autonomous regime after another as power is centralised by this International Oligarchy as communities and cultures are decimated. We believe that this evil power is ultimately Satanic...."

'On Target' Available from: Donald A Martin
Bloomfield Books, 26 Meadow Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 6TD, England.
Telephone (01787) 376374

3. 'Bilderberg treason first decided it: SINGLE CURRENCY MEANS THE END FOR BRITAIN' Portman Papers

"...ordinary people... do not know Bilderberg exists, and hence are powerless to scrutinize the highly questionable activity of this treasonous, corporatist oligarchy of influence."

Portman Papers, Vol. 1 No 6, available from

20 Portmans, North Curry, Taunton, TA3 6NL.
Derek Tozer, 01823 490590.

he following Bilderberg Organisational structure is from Bilderberg pamphlet dated November 1997 - see the 2002 version

Source: Grattan Healey, Green Party adviser to Patricia McKenna MEP at the European Parliament.

Members Advisory Group *

Canada: Anthony GS Griffin, Company Director.
Germany: Otto Wolff von Amerongen, Chairman and CEO of Otto Wolff Industrieberatung und Beteiligungen GMBH.
International: Max Kohnstamm, Former Secretary General, Action Committee for Europe; Former President, Europe University Institute.
Italy: Giovanni Agnelli, Honorary Chairman, Fiat SpA.
Netherlands: Ernst H. van der Beugel, Emeritus Professor of International Relations, Leiden University; Former Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings for Europe and Canada.
United Kingdom: Lord Roll of Ipsden, Senior Adviser, SBC Warburg Dillon Read.
United States of America: William Bundy, Former Editor, Foreign Affairs;
David Rockefeller, Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank International Advisory Committee.
* all former members of the Steering Committee

Steering Committee:

Chairman: Peter, Lord Carrington-Chairman of the Board, Christie's International plc; Former Secretary-General NATO.
Secretary-General: Victor Halberstadt-Professor of Public Economics, Leiden University, the Netherlands.
Treasurer: Pieter Korteweg-President and Chief Executive Officer, Robeco Group.

National Representatives

Austria: Franz Vranitzky, Former Federal Chancellor.
Belgium: Etienne Davignon-Chairman, Société Générale de Belgique; Former Vice Chairman of the Commission of the European Communities.
Canada: Conrad Black, Chairman, Telegraph Group Ltd; (2nd place vacant).
Denmark: Toger Seidenfaden, Editor-in-chief, Politiken.
Finland: Jorma Ollila, President and CEO, Nokia Corporation.
France: Bertrand Collomb, Chairman and Executive Officer, Lafarge; Andre Levy-Lang, Chairman, Banque Paribas.
Germany: Christoph Bertram, Diplomatic Correspondent, Die Zeit; Hilmar Kopper, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG; Matthias Nass, Managing Editor, Die Zeit.
Greece: George A David, Chairman, Hellenic Bottling Company SA.
Ireland: Peter D. Sutherland, Chairman and Managing Director, Goldman Sachs International; Former Director General, World Trade Organisation.
Italy: Umberto Agnelli, Chairman, Instituto Finanziaro Industriale (IFIL).
Italy/International: Renato Ruggiero, Director General, World Trade Organisation, Former Minister of Foreign Trade.
Norway: Westye Hoegh, Chairman of the Board, Leif Hoegh & Co ASA.
Portugal: Francisco Pinto Balsemao, Professor of Communication Science, New University of Lisbon; Chairman, Impresa SGPS; Former Prime Minister.
Spain: Jaime Carvajal Urquijo, Chairman and General Manager, Iberfomento.
Sweden: Percy Barnevik, Chairman, ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.
Switzerland: David de Pury, Chairman, de Pury, Pictet, Turrettini & Co Ltd.
Turkey: Selahattin Beyazit, Director of Companies.
United Kingdom: Kenneth Clarke, Member of Parliament;
J. Martin Taylor, Group Chief Executive, Barclays PLC.
United States of America: Paul A. Allaire, Chairman, Xerox Corporation;
John S Corzine, Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs & Co;
Marie-Josee Drouin, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute Inc;
Louis V. Gerstner, Chairman, IBM Corporation;
Richard C. Holbrooke, Former Assistant Secretary for European Affairs; Vice Chairman CS First Boston;
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr, Senior Partner, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Field, (Attorneys-at-Law);
Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc; Former Secretary of State;
Jack Sheinkman, Chairman of the Board, Amalgamated Bank;
Paul Wolfowitz, Dean, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies; Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy;
Casimir A. Yost, Director, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.
USA/International: James D. Wolfensohn, President, The World Bank;

"Elite and Discreet"

from The Economist - 26 Dec 1987
Our Good Conference Guide: Magic mountains for the mind

The complete guide - Magic Mountains of the Mind - is on the Dangerous Liaisons page


Ne plus ultra

BILDERBERG takes its name from a Dutch hotel where, in the early 1950s, the first meeting took place under the aegis of Prince Bernhard. The occasion has outgrown the hotel, but the Dutch link remains. Among several European royals who attend as occasional guests, Queen Beatrix and her husband come regularly. A Dutch professor who has brokered coalition governments into existence on her behalf is one of the secretary-generals (the other, American, one lives in San Francisco), and Bilderberg's tiny secretariat sits in The Hague. The meetings now take place by informal rotation in countries of the Atlantic community.
Some 100 or more attend, by invitation of a steering committee. The meetings happen once a year, in the spring. They last 2.5 days (Thursday night until Sunday lunch) and are held in varying but always comfortable surroundings - in 1987 Lake Como, before that Gleneagles. Apart from a half-day on the golf links or sleeping off the previous night's dinner, morning and afternoon sessions fill up the time.
A mixture of able and distinguished folk attend - a sprinkling of serving prime and cabinet ministers, central-bank governors, defence and other experts. They talk, often to galvanising and fascinating effect, about the main issues of the day - East-West relations, arms control, deficits, debt, the Falklands, sanctions, whatever. Their thoughts may not be repeated outside the meetings and never are. This frustrates outsiders but helps 100 great and good people be frank with each other, as does the fact that Bilderberg members are limited to people of NATO and West European countries who know how to be kind or rude to each other without causing such misunderstandings as would occur if Indians, Fijians, Africans, Chinese or Japanese were also present.
Elite and discreet, Bilderberg has inevitably been talked of in hushed tones by conspiracy theorists over the years. It needn't be. The lists of attenders are published, as are the agendas, and before each meeting the chairman (currently Lord Roll) holds a press conference at which few journalists bother to turn up.
Where does the money come from? Not complicated. The steering-group members raise from business the small sums necessary to keep the organising secretariat going hand-to-mouth in The Hague. Members from the host country raise enough money to pay for the hotel and conference when it takes place on their home soil (they are allowed to ask extra guests to make this money-raising easier). Participants pay their own long-haul travel, but are usually shepherded as VIPs from the nearest airport. They also pay expenses over and above the basic bill for their hotel room - the Bilderberg custom being that a whole hotel is booked for each meeting so that Bilderbergers may be alone with each other, their words, their thoughts and, these days, their security men.
When you have scaled the Bilderberg, you have arrived.
* * *

The complete conference guide - Magic Mountains of the Mind - is on the Dangerous Liaisons page

Mike Peters' academic paper: Bilderberg and the project for European unification

Who gets invited to Bilderberg?

Luka Magnotta

Discovering National Elites: US manual of elite target analysis, produced in 1953 but only published in 2000, describing the US policy of focusing propaganda on "priority targets" in the elite of other countries. This may explain how some people seem to be "got at" and change their views on issues such as globalisation once they reach positions of power.

To view Discovering National Elites please try clicking below - alternatively copy and paste this link into your browser: http://www.grazian-archive.com/governing/Elite/Table%20of%20Contents.html

Conference venues since 1954


55. 31 May - 3 June, Istanbul, Turkey - to be finally confirmed
54. 8-11 June 2006, Ottawa, Canada
53. 5-8 May 2005, Munich, Germany
52. 3-6 June 2004: Stresa, Italy.
51. 15-18 May 2003: Versailles, France.
50. 30 May - 2 June 2002: Chantilly, Virginia, USA.
49. 24-27 May 2001: Gothenburg, Sweden.
48. 1-4 June 2000: Genval, Brussels, Belgium.
47. 3-6 June 1999: Sintra, Portugal.
46. 14-17 May 1998: Turnberry, Ayrshire, Scotland.
45. 12-15 June 1997: Lake Lanier, Georgia, USA.
44. 30 May -1 June 1996: Toronto, Canada.
43. 8-11 June 1995: Zurich, Switzerland.
42. 3-5 June 1994: Helsinki, Finland.
41. 22-25 April 1993: Athens, Greece.
40. 21-24 May 1992: Evian-les-Bains, France.
39. 6-9 June 1991: Baden-Baden, Germany.
38. 11-13 May 1990: Glen Cove, New York, USA.
37. 12-14 May 1989: La Toja, Spain.
36. 3-5 June 1988: Telfs-Buchen, Austria.
35. 24-26 April 1987: Villa d'Este, Italy.
34. 25-27 April 1986: Gleneagles, Scotland.
33. 10-12 May 1985: Rye Brook, New York USA.
32. 11-13 May 1984: Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.
31. 13-15 May 1983: Montebello, Canada.
30. 14-16 May 1982: Sandefjord, Norway.
29. 15-17 May 1981: Bürgenstock, Switzerland.
28. 18-20 April 1980: Aachen, W. Germany.
27. 27-29 April 1979: Baden, Austria.
26. 21-23 April 1978: Princeton, New Jersey, USA.
25. 22-24 April 1977: Torquay, England.
1976: No conference was held due to Prince Bernhard's involvement in the Lockheed Scandal.
24. 25-27 April 1975: Çesme, Turkey.
23. 19-21 April 1974: Megìve, France.
22. 11-13 May 1973: Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.
21. 21-23 April 1972: Knokke, Belgium.
20. 23-25 April 1971: Woodstock, Vermont, USA.
19. 17-19 April 1970: Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.
18. 9-11 May 1969: Marienlyst, Denmark.
17. 26-28 April 1968: Mont Tremblant, Canada.
16. 31 March - 2 April 1967: Cambridge, England.
15. 25-27 March 1966: Wiesbaden, W. Germany.
14. 2-4 April 1965: Villa d'Este, Italy.
13. 20-22 March 1964: Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.
12. 29-31 May 1963: Cannes, France.
11. 18-20 May 1962: Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.
10. 21-23 April 1961: St Castin, Canada.
9. 28-29 May 1960: Bürgenstock, Switzerland.
8. 18-20 September 1959: Yesilköy, Turkey.
7. 13-15 September 1958: Buxton, England.
6. 4-6 October 1957: Fiuggi, Italy.
5. 15-17 February 1957: St Simons Island, Georgia, USA.
4. 11-13 May 1956: Fredensborg, Denmark.
3. 23-25 September 1955: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, W. Germany.
2. 18-20 March 1955: Barbizon, France.
1. 29-31 May 1954: Oosterbeek, Netherlands.

Books that comment on the Bilderberg conferences:

A useful source and/or starting point for the following and similar publications is:
Bloomfield Books, 26 Meadow Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, CO10 6TD.
Telephone 01787 376374

Atkinson, Rodney, 'Europe's Full Circle, Corporate Elites and the New Fascism', Compuprint, 1997, £7.95, ISBN 0 9525110 0 2 "Europe has come full circle. The UK faces the same political crisis as in the 1930's... suppression rather than expression of public opinion." From This England books: 01242 515156.
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Ligens/Loth: 'Documents on the history of European Integration', Volume 2 and 4 : Berlin/ NYC 1986/ 1991
Pomian, John: Joseph Retinger - Memoires of an eminence grise: Sussex 1972 (very difficult to get your hands on it!)
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TREASON - The New World Order, Cassandra Press, 1996. ISBN 0-945946-14-7
Feature Film: "They Live" by John Carpenter. The film depicts how an alien race has infiltrated earth, slowly taking over all govenment and the World Power Elite. Released in 1989, it gives an uncomfortably accurate picture of manipulators hidden from the people.

Links to other web sites:

Warning! - Some of these sites and articles come from groups with right wing views. Their factual information (eg. The Spotlight) is often entirely accurate but the spin put upon it may make articles painfully vitriolic.

One great irritation to me is racism. The assumption that because some of the world's most powerful men are Jewish bankers then all Jews are to blame, should be obvious nonsense to anyone who bothers to think it through.
Have those who research the Bilderbergers been taken in by the extreme right??????????

Who Controls The Australian Government? An Australian ex-politician blames the Bilderbergers http://www.senet.com.au/~brucehan/index36.htm
New ways to break the power of the elite - site pulled by Yahoo http://members.ams.chello.nl/jsteenis/
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Bilderberg Secretary General - Victor Halberstadt http://ruljis.leidenuniv.nl/group/jfof/www/halberstadt.htm
Ever been inside a G8 meeting? You'll be suprised at the symbol on the table in front of poor old conned Mr Blair http://www.conspiracywatch.com/Illuminatisym.html
Bilderberg and the West by Peter Thompson excerpted from the book Trilateralism edited Holly Sklar South End Press, 1980 http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Trilateralism/Bilderberg.html
The Bilderberg and the Council on Foreign Relations http://towardfreedom.com/feb98/conspir.htm
Hotel DE BILDERBERG, Oosterbeek, Holland http://www.hotels-holland.com/bilderberg/oosterbeek-debilderberg.htm
italian translations-> http://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/razlag/wwfnazisti.html
The News in Portugal - complete Bilderberg 1999 articles http://www.the-news.net/bildeberg/index.htm
27Oct99 - Bilderberg steering group meet in Washington? (offsite) http://www.worldnetdaily.com/bluesky_exnews/19991012_xex_the_next_bil.shtml
4th November 1999 SAMUEL R. BERGER NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR REMARKS TO THE BILDERBERG STEERING COMMITTEE http://www.pub.whitehouse.gov/uri-res/I2R?urn:pdi://oma.eop.gov.us/1999/11/5/3.text.1
Republican and Democratic parties in the U.S. to merge? http://syninfo.com/ian/PRIVATE/1999/11/23/1999112320221128.html
The Bilder Burger Vegetarian Sandwich http://www.happyclown.com/mcprint.html
Etienne Davignon - new Bilderberg Chairman http://www.cordis.lu/esprit/src/biodavig.htm
Search The UK Parliament pages for the latest Bilderberg questions http://www.parliament.the-stationery-office.co.uk/cgi-bin/tso_fx?DB=tso
Illuminati News http://user.tninet.se/~gbl020q/illum_index.htm
Names and who is related to what other organisations - Namebase http://www.pir.org/
Recent lists of names of the elite etc. http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/weekdx.htm
Etienne F. Davignon, Chairman, Société Générale de Belgique - profile http://www.gilead.com/about/man_davignon.html
Those who have real power typically avoid exposure and unwanted attention by denying that they have it. The Establishment exists but doesn't want the public to get the full picture of its control.http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/weekdx.htm
The Juggernaut of Globalisation - from South Africa http://sane.org.za/news6/news6_elite.htm
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Nazi industrialists escape to the USA in a giant U-Boat before Hitler's fall. Prince Bernhard, Bilderberg supremo, is loitering on the coast! http://mallofmaine.com/ca35/
Collection of John Whitley's Bilderberg Articles http://www.inforamp.net/~jwhitley/bildpres.htm
Rodney Atkinson on Bilderberg http://ds.dial.pipex.com/town/place/qq28/democracy/bildb.htm
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In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, 'Make us your slaves, but feed us' --The Grand Inquisitor, in The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky -1879

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